Katie Golightly

Insurance Agent

Katie marijuana insurance agent

Katie is an Oregon girl at heart who has lived in the Rogue Valley her entire life.  She recently got married in 2016 to her High-School sweetheart. She doesn’t have any kids of her own yet, but she spends most of her time with children, helping run and organize Middle School and High School youth groups.  Each year she travels to an orphanage in Mexico to spend time with little ones, as well as running work projects on the orphanage grounds. She loves playing guitar, and is currently learning how to play the cajon box drum on the side.  She loves anything involving the outdoors; including hiking, camping and, of course, botany.   It’s strange, but she loves paperwork; so naturally, when she started working in the insurance industry 4 years ago, it was the perfect fit for her. Get ready for customer service of a lifetime!

Located In: Medford, OR

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